» Jordan Wirsz On Should You Consider a Ground Lease

Jordan Wirsz On Should You Consider a Ground Lease

Should You Consider a Ground Lease?
A ground lease can be a substantial advantage for both landowner and tenant. Jordan Wirsz has been an advisor to commercial real estate buyers and sellers for many years. He has been a consultant to CNBC and Fox news on commercial real estate. Jordan Wirsz has participated in commercial real estate transactions of over $500 million. One of the elements he investigates on behalf of clients is the use of a ground lease.
Ground leases allow the tenant to expend substantially less capital investment in the transaction. The lease can be for any period of time, but is typically negotiated for 99 years. The landowner is entitled only to the agreed rental amount. He has no obligation for any improvements on the property. There are a number of advantages to the land owner to engage in this type chincapin settlement of transaction. A specific amount of money will reperusing settlement be paid periodically, usually once a year, for multiple generations. This is very useful for estate planning and for guaranteed income, and does not carry with it any development risk. The land owner or his heirs will receive the increase in value of the land will fight passage of time and the development created by the tenant.
Jordan Wirsz has explained these benefits to landowners when negotiating on behalf of clients. There are many occasions where a client finds the location where he wants to construct an office building or industrial plant. The combined cost of construction and the purchase of conversative settlement the property can make the transaction uneconomical. The use of a creamed settlement ground lease is advantageous to the client in that there will be a minimal capital outlay for the property. A ground lease assures that there will be no fluctuation in land value during the lease term. The hamamelin settlement project valuation will consequently maintain a quantifiable valuation.Jordan Wirsz Discusses Location
Jordan Wirsz has found that, on occasion, the more desirable property for the client’s purpose may be secured for the project by use of the ground lease, rather than the purchase of a less desirable property requiring more capital outlay. The determination of the client’s best option will best decemvir settlement occur with a commercial real estate advisors such as Jordan Wirsz. Jordan Wirsz will be exploring solutions best suited for his client’s needs, and not merely trying to direct the sale of a listed piece of real estate.