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Quick Loans with the Best Offers

Compare between the cheapest offers of the fast credits and get the money you need in a matter of minutes and without hardly doing paperwork. Find out what kind of quick loans exist, which one suits you best and how you can get them with the best conditions:

Two situations for which you need quick loans

It is very different for us to have a need for urgent money so that we do not want to have to go through all the slow bureaucracy to apply for a loan. These are the two situations that, as a general rule, we can find when we want fast money, and in each of them we must resort to two different types of loans:

  • When we have a breakdown at home or in the car, we need to buy an appliance, pay a large bill, advance the payment of a fine to enjoy the discount, deal with the cost of a dental medical emergency … These are situations in which We need the money soon in our hand, and the most common is that they are a few amounts that are supplemented with the small loans of the first table of this page.

  • If we need financing for a big project, such as making a reform, buying a car or paying for the studies of our children, we can have the loan money paid and paid in a short time. However, we must understand that personal loans with a greater amount of money (those in the second table above) involve a more in-depth study of our profile, so it may be a bit slower to finance. Although the technologies now allow us to apply for quick loans of up to 60,000 euros from any mobile device with an Internet connection. As well as the times in the application and concession of the online loans have been reduced.

In any case, no matter how urgent we need money, we should always have some time to compare some products and make sure that we are choosing the financing that best suits our needs. For this, online comparators can serve us, because they present several products among which we can choose.

Are there fast loans and, in addition, free?

Yes. As there is more and more competition within the credit market, many entities have very attractive promotions to attract customers, so we can even get to find free fast loans. Let’s see with what products we can get money instantly and without any additional cost, that is, returning only the amount lent us:

  • Mini-credits: the free mini-loan offers are aimed at new customers and the maximum amount that can be requested is usually limited to 300 euros. If we do not comply with the loan payment within the agreed period, the offer will not be applied and we will have to pay the usual interest along with the interest generated by the delay.

  • Credit cards: using credit cards paying all the expense at the beginning of the following month is a way to use a quick loan. When we use the total payment at the end of the month, we do not have costs, so we are obtaining interest-free credit. However, if we make the payments in a deferred manner, we will pay interest.

  • Rapid personal loans: some entities also offer quick loans of a larger interest-free nature. This type of free fast loans is for very specific purposes such as payroll advances or to finance the driver’s license, for example.

Anyway, we should be cautious with these quick loans without interest, since some refer exclusively to the TIN and not to the APR. Therefore, these may include commissions and other expenses and not be strictly free. To find out if a quick personal loan is really free we have to make sure it is at 0% APR.

Are loans faster on the Internet or in my bank?

When we need a large sum of money, the most frequent is to go to the bank of a lifetime to ask about their financing products. And it is that our entity can offer us a personalized and even pre-agreed loan that could be paid immediately, However, it must be said that these credits are not always the cheapest or the most appropriate. For this reason, it is always advisable to consult other offers and compare their conditions.

In addition, the process of contracting online rapid and fast loans is faster than that of traditional loans in the offices of banks:

Different is that we address the application of our mobile banking and quickly contract the pre-granted loan offered, but as we said, we must bear in mind that rarely will be the best offer that we will find in the market.

The repayment periods of the quick credits

When contracting a quick loan, we assume the responsibility of returning the money granted and its cost (interest, commissions, etc.) in the manner agreed with the entity. Therefore, it is essential that we select a repayment period that allows us to pay the installments without problems and that, at the same time, is not too long so that no extra interest is generated.

Also, we must bear in mind that many urgent loans with a small amount of money are returned in a single installment at maturity, that is, with a single payment on the day when the term expires. So, we have to ensure that, on that date, we will have the necessary funds to return the loaned capital plus the accrued interest.

How to return fast personal loans?

At the time of reimbursing the fast credits online, the entities put at our disposal different ways by which we can make them reach our quotas. In the following image we can see the most common and their operation:

In our hand is that we decide between making a transfer, paying in cash, domicile the charge or that we load it to some of our cards. Depending on our situation and what we find most comfortable, we can choose between one option or another. However, not all of these options are available for all the quick loans.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about quick loans

Quick loans allow us to get money in just a few minutes for any purpose. However, the speed with which we can obtain them may mean that we do not always request them responsibly. Therefore, from HelpMyCash.com we have answered the most common questions that our users ask when requesting this type of financing.

What is a quick loan?

Quick loans allow us to obtain the financing we need in just a few hours. This is possible because we can request the urgent money we need through the Internet by filling out the form that we find on the lender’s website.

What types of financing are there on the market right away?

Within the fast loans, we can find different types of credits at the moment according to the quantity, the term, and the interest that each of them has. We can hire online mini-credits if we are looking for little capital or fast credits if we need a higher amount.

Is it possible to get fast loans without paperwork?

In the market, there are many quick credits that we can request through the Internet and we will know if they have granted us or not in just a few hours. In addition, depending on the lender we will not have to provide any documentation for the company to perform the risk analysis. It will only be necessary to provide the data of our DNI.

Our fast online loans safe?

Most of the lenders that offer these types of products are legitimate companies with experience in the market. However, we must look for references on the Internet and verify that we are leaving our data on a secure website.

How long does the urgent money I need take?

These companies will take a few hours to confirm whether or not they grant us the financing at the moment we need. The company will perform the analysis of our risk profile. If we are eligible, the lender will enter the capital once we sign the contract.

How much money can I get with fast and easy online loans?

In the event that we request a mini-credit, we can get from 50 to 1,300 euros if we are already customers. If what we are looking for is a loan at the moment, this amount can reach up to € 50,000 depending on the private credit company that we access.

What documents do I need to request fast money online?

Most of the lenders will ask us for the DNI, our account number and a direct bill for electricity, water or telephone. However, there are companies that will only ask us for the DNI number, since they have online verification tools that allow us to know our financial information.

What happens if I can not return a loan instantly?

When we sign the contract for a loan at the time we commit to return the money we have requested. In the event that we can not pay the total amount or a monthly payment, the lender will start charging late interest that will increase the cost of the quick financing.