» Economic Crisis » “With the crisis, of every 10 operations, 9 are refinancing and one of sale”

“With the crisis, of every 10 operations, 9 are refinancing and one of sale”

The office of Huelva financier Meyva

As in the rest of Spain, Huelva is under the influence of the economic crisis and the real estate crisis. To check his status 20 minutes he has contacted the Meyva , a company created in September 2006 by Mercedes Novoa García and Vanesa Amorós Centeno, two experts who analyze the change in the landscape in two very affected sectors, mortgage and construction , explaining how they work effectively to offer products adjusted to the conjuncture to its customers.

From her office on Ginés Martín street number 11 in the capital, Vanessa Amorós summarizes in a few words the chain of events and relates that ” the behavior of banks has changed completely because the market has also changed. Now they look at it with a magnifying glass, they have been forced to do so because the level of delinquency has risen a lot because interest rates have almost doubled in the last two years. ”

Now we work more directly with clients who are in a hurry situation

Now we work more directly with clients who are in a hurry situation Its partner, Mercedes Novoa, added in reference to its relationship with construction companies and real estate companies that “we have collaboration contracts and we manage the financial section, but its sales have dropped by 99% and many have closed. They are in a hurry situation and they do not reach the end of the month. ” “The reaction of the market has been a significant drop in the price of housing, but it is not the solution, there is a crisis in all sectors but more in construction,” says his colleague.

They have seen in their day to day the reflection of the aggressive changes in the sector, which yields striking figures. “Before every ten operations, nine were for sale and one for refinancing and now it’s the other way around,” says Vanessa. In the same line, Mercedes says that ” with the crisis the clients are different, there are not so many purchases and many refinance and private capital, we work much more, not by volume, but because the operations are more laborious”. Both say that “the crisis will continue at least a year at least. ”

We propose the application to several banks so that the client chooses the one that suits him best faced with this economic landscape in Meyva made a prior study of the situation of the client to know in advance if your operation will be feasible or not, then go to streamline the procedures to shorten the deadlines and submit a range of proposals according to the needs of the applicant. “We propose the application to a series of banks that can give the best offer to the client, which we then transfer different proposals to choose the one that best suits them, the number depends on the customer’s profile,” says Mercedes.

Facilities in the procedures

When a client opts for an offer, it is guided throughout the process, being accompanied by appraisers, and the entity would be notified to formalize the operation. “During the process, the client ignores procedures, is always informed, everything is provided and he only has to sign”, says Mercedes. In addition, “previously he knows what our fees are, which are invariable during the process and that is fixed previously with the signing of a contract,” adds Vanessa.

It also clarifies that “we do not have our own capital, but we are intermediaries between banking entities and people who request loans, mortgages, refinancing, private capital …”, effective medication that has its reward despite the crisis, since they have an “excellent” relationship with customers and “word of mouth has worked well”- quick cash loans from citrusnorth official site.